Full HD Video Wireless Transmitter / Receiver – CWHD-1

Connect, Split and Replace your HDMI cable wirelessly! comm CWHD-1T and CWHD-1R are wireless FULL HD audio/video transmission solution that allows users to place their HDTV set or projector wherever you want and free of the constraint of cables.

Just connect your HDTV to the CWHD-1R (receiver) with an HDMI cable, and connect your AV equipment (Blu-ray players, HD set-up boxes, game consoles or HD media players and streamers) to the CWHD-1T (transmitter).


  • Omni-directional Antenna System for maximum 66 feet (20m)
  • LOS Full HD Video Transmission Distance
  • Up to 1080p@60Hz Video Resolution
  • No Latency for playing High Definition video games
  • HDCP 1.2 for securing video transmission over wireless
  • Present wireless linking status on TV screen
  • Auto set-up, plug & play
  • EDID/E-DDC 1.3 supported
  • HDMI 1.4 supported