HDMI Extender – CE-EX60

Comm CE-EX60 extends HDMI signal between Transmitter and Receiver over CATx cable. It supports 1080p@60Hz video signals up to 60m including embedded multi-channel audio and HDCP 1.4.

Built-in EDID make this product compatible with most display and source device, to ensure HDMI transmission.

Advanced power design (PoC) allows this product to be powered at Transmitter, and only one power supply is required. In addition, the CE-EX60 send/receive IR signals each other over the same CATx cable with IR pass through.


  • 1080p HDMI extender up to 50m (max) over single Catx cable
  • HDCP compliant
  • Bi-directional IR control
  • Receiver can be powered from transmitter via PoC
  • One HDMI loop out on Tx
  • Smart EDID management