Integrated MATRIX WizarSwitch – IPC-5AX / IPC-5BX

Integrated MATRIX WizarSwitch (IPC Series) – Designed to control your Audiovisual Equipment in the most simplified ways via RS-232 commands; reasonably priced and works with most projectors and displays.

One Touch Selection with LED Back-Lit Indications on the selectors’ buttons, you can easily control your displays with its various selector buttons (e.g. select the different input source, volume and/or screen controls etc)

Built-In Signal Amplifiers of 400MHz bandwidth to minimise signal-loss worries.

Widely used in Classrooms, Auditoriums, Lecture Theatres, Conference Rooms etc


  • Display Controller for your Projector, Plasma (Power ON/OFF, input source selections, volume control) via RS232 Commands
  • One Touch Selection with LED Back-Lit Indications
  • INPUTS : 3 VGA, 1 Composite Video
  • OUTPUTS: 2 VGA, 1 Video (Composite)
  • Built-In Signal Amplifier of 400MHz
  • Digital Volume Control for sound level adjustments
  • Volume Control Knob for MIC Inputs sound adjustments
  • STANDBY mode – MIC Volume Control usable
  • PC1 with Audio : PC Monitor is usable even when projector is OFF
  • Supports HDTV (1080i/p) Resolution
  • Dual RS232 Output Capability (Able to synchronize/ control 2 different projectors with 1 set of IPC-5BX)
  • IPC-5AX : Membrane Silkscreen
  • IPC-5BX : Button Controls